Emergency Room Shenanigans

Hello all! Today, I spent my day in the urgent care and emergency room. I woke up Wednesday morning and drove back to Shreveport from Dallas for class. While on my ride home, I began experiencing right-sided back pain. I just assumed it was due to my posture while driving or sitting down for 3.5 hours. I arrived Wednesday afternoon and continued to experience the safe back pain throughout the day. After class, I took some ibuprofen and went to bed. I woke up Thursday morning with extreme nausea and diarrhea and by the end of the day (after urgent care had closed), I began to experience pelvic pain as well as right-sided back pain. Friday morning I woke up and went to urgent care thinking I had a kidney infection. BOY was I wrong. After being told I “have the cleanest pee” the physician has seen in a while, I was asked to lay down on the exam table. The physician poked around and did several tests. She then pushed on my lower right quadrant and I almost flew off of the table. At that point, she suspected I had appendicitis and referred me to the ER immediately. Luckily, it was across the street, I walked in and only had to wait about 5 minutes. They got me back to a room, drew some blood, gave me and IV then told me the doctor would be in shortly. The doctor didn’t show up, but a radiology tech showed up to take me to get a CT scan. I had never had a CT scan before, only MRIs. This CT was ordered with contrast, which, when injected, made me feel like I was peeing my pants (the weirdest feeling ever)! I was taken back to my room and told the results should be back in 15-20 min. 50 min. later, no sign of the results. About 5 min. later, the nurse comes in with my paperwork and says “you have an ovarian cyst. I am going to get your IV out of you so we can get you out of here.” I tried to ask the nurse several questions and got a reply of “I don’t know.”Let me remind you I have not seen the physician the entire time I have been in the ER AND no one can/is willing to answer my questions. The nurse takes my IV out, hands me a prescription and an information packet and begins to walk off. I had to stop him to ask how to leave the hospital! I was just another body, another number coming through the ER.

Y’all… SO frustrating. I mean, I don’t expect top of the line treatment at the ER, but I expect to see the physician and to be informed of what my diagnosis is. I was sent home with pain pills and no direction on where to go next. This is the problem with the healthcare field today. Physicians are sending their patient’s home with pain pills and with no direction. Those pain pills wont work forever!!!

I know I have harped on patient education enough and y’all are probably tired of hearing about it, but I don’t think people fully understand the frustration the patient feels when they are not properly educated until you personally experience it. I know I didn’t. Needless to say, I will be following up with my OB/GYN to get this sorted out, because I refuse to be taking Tramadol long-term!


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