Most Likely Awards

I am going to keep it short and sweet tonight because my fiancée surprised me yesterday and is only here until tomorrow morning!!! Today my PT class and I went to have brunch at a place here in Shreveport called Bistro Byronz. A few weeks ago, we decided to give out “most likely” awards. There were awards such as “most likely to be at Starbucks, most likely to get engaged next, best smile, best nickname, most organized, most likely to tell a riddle, most likely to solve a murder mystery, most likely to volunteer as the patient, etc”. I know some of these are odd, but our class can be crazy! I got “most likely to volunteer as the patient” because I volunteer the majority of the time when a professor needs to demonstrate something. Our class seems to have struggled a lot over the 3 years in regards to “gelling” with each other. Now that we know everyone better than we did 1st year, this was a really great way to come together one last time and nominate each other for “most likely” awards. Though there are a lot of controversy on participation trophies, I do have to say, I am happy that we got an “I participated in PT school” trophy/certificate. It’s been one hell of a ride and in 40 days, I will be starting the last chapter in PT school, rotations!


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