Father’s Day Madness

Hey Guys! Sorry for not posting last week. I had 4 midterms and a presentation and did not prepare ahead of time to have my blog written. I will say, you will NOT want to miss the story below!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day! I was able to go home to Dallas, TX to visit my dad for Father’s Day (which hasn’t happened in a while). I arrived Friday evening and worked on some homework due on Monday. Saturday morning about 9am, I woke up to go look at apartments. My fiancée is currently living with her mom, I will be done in Shreveport on August 4th, and our lease in Shreveport is up July 22. I traveled all over the Dallas area and suburbs, visiting 12 of the 14 apartments on my list. There were some great ones and some not so great ones, and one that I drove by and said HELL NO!!! I arrived back to the house about 6pm exhausted and overwhelmed with the amount of information I had just received. My fiancée sat down and discussed what our plan would be and what I thought the best place would be for us. The biggest issue we had was the apartment I really liked said we would not be able to move in until August 11 and our lease in Shreveport is up July 22 – what were we going to do with our furniture and stuff in our current apartment for 21 days?!

apartment hunting.jpg

Sunday, I went to church and lunch with my parents and younger brother then headed back to Shreveport. A 3-hour drive ended up taking me 4 hours due to the highway leaving my parent’s house was closed due to construction, a wreck on 635 that had the highway shut down to 1 lane, tons of traffic and crazy drivers, and I-20 shut down to 1 lane while entering Shreveport due to a stalled vehicle. Needless to say, I was ready to get home!!! I got home, unloaded the car, showered, and got into my pajamas to start studying. About 8:45pm, I was minding my own business when my front door knob started twisting and I could hear someone trying to get in. I live over the pool, so I figured it was just a drunk person thinking that my apartment was theirs. Well, it continued to happen. I looked out the peephole to see a topless woman trying to enter my home. I called the cops and while I was waiting on them, she decided to descend the stairs and start wandering in the parking lot, still topless and now shoeless. The cops came and, after talking to her for a bit, they knocked on my door. I opened the door to find her shoes and socks all over my front porch and her shirt was in my bushes. Apparently, she told the cops that she lived in my apartment. FALSE! Come to find out, she was on meth and EXTREMELY messed up. After calling what seemed to be the entire city of Shreveport (fire truck, ambulance, 2 cop cars = 6 1st responders), they checked her out then put her in the back of the car and drove off.

1st responders.jpg

Needless to say, my Sunday was one hell of a day and I was ready to go to bed. After checking out the window and out the peephole about 4 times, I finally went to lay down and luckily fell asleep pretty quickly. Educational tip: LOCK YOUR DOORS!!!

lock your door.png

Sidenote: In regards to the apartment situation, our current apartment is going to let us stay until August 11th and our applications have been submitted to the apartment we want!


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