Softball is Life

This past weekend I played in an all-women’s slow pitch softball tournament in Erath, LA (it is close to Lafayette). After 5 total games, hotel problems, rain delays, field lighting issues, and only 10 players, we got 3rd place! We played 2 games Saturday, losing the 2nd game by 1 run with a 7 run last inning (4 of those runs were homeruns – one by yours truly). Then we woke up early Sunday morning ready to play all day to win it all. We were supposed to play at 9a, but when we got to the field, there was a 2-hour delay. The night before, a transformer blew causing the lights to go off and they were having to make up the previous night games. So, we sat around and waited and ended up playing at 11a. I am originally from Dallas, TX and have not spent much time in south Louisiana, but Lord have MERCY it was hot and HU-MID!!!! I have never sweat so much in my life sitting in the shade. I sometimes complain about how humid Shreveport is compared to Dallas, but Erath made Dallas feel like Arizona (dry heat)! Quite frankly, the weekend was an unorganized mess, but what matters is that we had a ton of fun and played until our gas tanks were empty. It has been a long time since I have played 5 games in 1 weekend and since we only had 10 women and 10 play on the field, no one got a break. I am STILL sore. I even took an Epsom salt bath and I don’t EVER take baths.

lady outlawz 1

We finished the tournament up Sunday about 4pm and were about to head home. I wanted to change clothes first since I was GROSS. I took my change of clothes into the bathroom along with my prescription glasses so I could take my contacts out for the 3.5-hour ride home. I set my glasses on top of the baby changing station and changed clothes. I gathered my dirty clothes, washed my hands and left, forgetting my glasses. However, I did not realize this until we were on our way home, 20 min from the park, and I was carpooling and did not want to make them turn around. So, a few hours later, I called the director, hoping they could find my glasses and he is mailing them asap. For now, I am wearing my contacts 10+ hrs/day and hating it! Not to mention, I am on my last pair of dailies! I rarely wear contacts because my eyes are so dry and the contacts become very uncomfortable and pop out. So hopefully, my glasses get here soon, because if you haven’t met me I have TERRIBLE vision. Like can’t even remotely read the big “E”! But, like I said, I had so much fun, got a great workout in, met some great people, burned about 3,000 calories and ran about 9 miles in 2 days, got 3rd place, got some cash, and a cool t-shirt! I am so thankful that God has given me the talent I have and the opportunity to continue to play the sport I love so much.


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