My Trip to Tampa to visit THE Greg Todd!

Today I am going to talk to you about my trip to Tampa. I went to Tampa to meet with one of my mentors, Greg Todd to check out his clinic and learn a little bit from him and his staff. The first thing that I noticed when I walked into the clinic was that it was very high energy, everyone was so welcoming, and you could tell everyone loved being in that environment, patients and PTs. I just knew that every person working there loved coming into work every day. It was great to see patients coming in and out for treatment. Greg is really big on wellness programs and we actually had a patient stop us in the hallway while I was there. She thanked him for having a wellness program and somewhere she can go other than the gym “because she hates the gym”. It was great to see 1st hand how he treats his patients and how he is helping people reach their goals.


The biggest thing I took away from the clinic is that it is all about patient education!! It is so important to educate the patient on what exactly is going on inside their body, what structures are affected, and healing time for each structure. Letting the patient know that you know your stuff starts the relationship off right and starts to build that trust between therapist and patient. I got to experience Greg and another PT at his clinic educate their patients on their diagnosis and what structures were affected. By the time the patient left the clinic, the patient knew exactly what was wrong with them, the approximate healing time needed to help them, and what their plan of care would entail. As the patients left, you could tell that they were very confident that they were going to be taken care of at this clinic.Complete-Anatomy

We also discussed professional development and how to improve my marketing skills even while I am still a student. For me, social media is really overwhelming and stressful. We discussed how important it is that I learn BlueJay now, even though I am still a student, to familiarize myself with their site and work on patient education with complete anatomy. I could even start using it for wellness programs! We discussed how important it is for me to be dedicating my time and making it a priority to really develop my skills, work on marketing myself and getting my name out there to be able to create consistency. In the future, a patient may google me and I want videos, blog posts, and testimonials to pop-up for them to listen to/read to really get to know me and see the real me and my consistency.

This trip really gave me the confidence boost I needed. I almost didn’t feel like I was capable of handling everything in regards to social media. Greg did a great job of doing a live video of our conversation in a private group I am in to help break the ice and get me a little more comfortable with the camera. It also helped me re-focus on my goals and look long-term where I want to be un my personal life and in my career. Even though I had a hell of a time getting to Tampa, I learned so much the day I got to spend at Renewal Rehab! It was well worth the time and money spent….. plus I ate a TON of amazingly fresh seafood ( since I don’t get that often being in north Louisiana) and I got to hang out at the beautiful beach (and got sunburned)!


Thank you Greg Todd and Renewal Rehab for letting me come visit! I had a blast!!




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