Tampa Baby!

So I want to tell y’all a little bit about how my day has been and why I am in Florida. It started off by getting up at 6am to get ready to head to the airport. My flight was supposed to leave at 9:15a. I get to the airport, get through security and head to the gate. I sit down and wait. We board the flight (which was not full – thank the Lord) taxi out and get in the air about 9:30ish. Take off. Everything is fine. We get away from the airport about 10 min. and I feel the plane significantly slow down and start to descend. Internally I kind of start freaking out. “This is your Captain speaking. We are having trouble with the autopilot. It is not working. We feel like the safest thing to do is to return to DFW and have a mechanic look at it.” The plane turns around and we fly 10 min back to DFW. We land about 9:55, get to the gate, sit there for 15 min and the Captain comes back over the loud speaker, “I am really sorry about the inconvenience. Maintenance is at another job and said they will head over as soon as they are done.” By this point everyone is getting annoyed and realizing they will be missing their connecting flights in Tampa. I was slightly perturbed because I don’t like being in a confined space next to strangers for a long period of time (but who really does?!). About 30-45 min. later, maintenance has decided it’s not a quick fix, so everyone gathers their belongings, they unload our luggage from below the plane and tell us we will be boarding another plane in the same terminal, but 25 gates away. So, we walk down to the new gate and are given complementary snacks and drinks, but have to wait another 30 min. for our plane to be brought over from the hanger. We loaded up and made an uneventful take-off and landing into Tampa. I grabbed my luggage and got my rental car. I typed my hotel address into my phone, but I had no signal. NONE. I had to drive 2 min outside the airport to get signal to figure out where I was going! I finally made it to my destination. The hotel is descent and right on the beach. Who could complain!?


Tomorrow, I head to Wesley Chapel, FL to take a look at my mentor’s clinic, see his processes, and see how he ROCKS an evaluation. I am so excited to learn from one of the best and to significantly grow my knowledge about physical therapy as a science and as a business. I will post more information on what I get out of this visit next Tuesday, May 9. Time to hit the beach!

elephant beach


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