Project 8 – Making that lifestyle change!

Well, I am officially a 3rd year PT student!!! With a 5-week break, I have decided to focus on my health. I wanted to share with y’all what changes I have started to make in my life in regard to diet and exercise. This will most definitely not be a 1 time post. I want y’all to see my journey and transformation so that I can encourage and help others to reach their health goals too!

get dit

I am using products from a company called Jeunesse. Through Jeunesse, there is an 8-week challenge called Project-8 that helps you clean up your diet and walks you through the steps to make a lifestyle change. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. That is truly what it takes to live a healthy life. There are 3 phases of the 8-week challenge. Today, I will be focusing on the 1st phase, the detox phase. This phase lasts 7 days and in this phase, you take their detox pill and cut out things such as gluten, sugar, salt, grains, alcohol, caffeine, sodas, and dairy of your diet. You are basically eating the Paleo diet for the 1st week. This phase’s mission is to clean your body and remove the inflammation and extra bloat you have. They also recommend that you do not exercise for the detox phase as exercise produces inflammation (which we are trying to get rid of). People have this idea that a cleanse is where you are miserable and in and out of the bathroom. I can assure you, this is not a cleanse of that nature. It is recommended you “eat in 3’s”. This means protein, carb, and fat. The amount differs per gender, but for women you would eat 3oz. protein, 3oz. carb, and 1 oz. of fat every 3 hours. This gives your body the energy it needs while also increasing your metabolism. I’m not going to lie, this phase is somewhat difficult because you have cravings for everything you can’t eat. I have found that meal prep is the best way to overcome this issue. Below you will find a 2 examples of meals that I have made.

Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner Snack
Eggwhites, strawberries, almond No mid morning snack. Breakfast was at 11am) Mixed salad with tilapia, strawberries, pineapple, lemon juice and olive oil No mid afternoon snack. Lunch was at 2pm 2 lettuce wraps with ground turkey, bell pepper, onions and avocado, pineapple Vanilla protein shake with bananas, strawberries and almonds
Chocolate protein shake with bananas and almonds No mid morning snack. Breakfast was at 9am) 1 hardboiled egg (no yolk), 1 lettuce wrap with ground turkey, onions, and bell pepper, slice of avocado Vanilla protein shake with strawberries, bananas, and almonds Salmon with mixed veggies Vanilla protein shake with blackberries, bananas and chia seed

I am currently on day 5 of detox and am feeling great! I took my weight, pictures, and measurements before starting the detox phase to be able to see my progress over time. I have cut out exercise, which kind of sucks, but I will be going to play softball tonight (I’m addicted, I can’t help it)! I am so excited to see how weight loss and getting my diet under control helps with ease of exercise, playing softball, my MS health, and overall self-esteem. I hope y’all are as excited as I am to watch this transformation!

do it

For more information on making a lifestyle change, contact me at or visit Here you will find more meal plan recipes and a plethora of information on Project 8.


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