Mentor or nah?

After listening to my mentor, Greg Todd’s podcast on “Should I Get a Mentor” it dawned on me, he should not be my only mentor. In his podcast, Greg talks about how not everyone knows what to do and may not have the guidance they need. You learn things through people and that’s where a mentor comes into the picture. I will talk about what a mentor is and 4 reasons why you should have/be a mentor.

What is a mentor?

Per Webster’s dictionary, a mentor is “a trusted counselor or guide.” My definition of a mentor is something similar, however, I believe a mentor should not only guide you, but encourage you to dream big and set goals the goals required to help you achieve your dreams. In Greg’s podcast, he speaks about 3 reasons why you need a mentor. I am going to briefly cover those 3 things (plus 1 of my own) and explain why I think they are important.


Reasons Why…

First, you need a mentor for belief that your dreams are possible. A mentor’s job is to “remove the ceiling” and break down the walls of doubt and walls that keep you from achieving your dreams. If you stay inside your borders, inside your little box, you will never be able to meet your goals and accomplish your dreams. Secondly, a mentor is “your GPS”. If you are going to meet and exceed your expectations/accomplish your goals and dreams, you need guidance to do so. A mentor keeps you on the right road and helps you get to your destination. This brings me to another point. Your mentor should have a similar mindset as you. For example, if your goal/dream was to open your own clinic, you may not want a mentor who does not own his/her own clinic. Not that they are a bad leader or person, but they are not familiar with the road you have to travel to open your own clinic. Thirdly, as a PT, we should be a mentor to our patients. We should be an encourager and motivator, showing them their possibilities and allowing them to believe they can get better. I am sure anyone reading this has been very sick or injured. When you are down and feeling like crap, sometimes you lose site of the possibilities and feel like you’re never going to get better or return to your previous activity. Be that encourager and mentor to your patients. Help them see the future and that getting better is possible. Also, be a roadmap for them. Let them know what their plan of care will look like. Set your expectations for them as well as let them tell you what they expect from you. This leads me to number four. As a mentor, dedicate yourself to your mentee, and as a mentee, invest in your mentor. “As you invest in your mentor, the more they will invest in you.”


Should you be a mentor?

YES. YES. YES. Whether you are in PT school, have been practicing 1 year, or practicing 30 years, it is your responsibility to be a mentor to your patients. Even if you are a PT student, or not even in PT school yet, be a mentor to those who share similar thoughts, goals and dreams. Anyone can be a mentor.

Check Greg out his podcast “The Hunt for Greatness” Thank you Greg Todd for being and encourager and helping me exceed my goals and dreams!



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